Technology Transfer: New Cross-Border Synergies

The players in Technology Transfer in the Upper Rhine are beginning to expand their cooperation across borders.

On 5 July 2016 in Kehl, the Coordination Office hosted its first workshop with players in cross-border technology transfer. 16 participants from Germany, France, and Switzerland took part. The main objective of the event was to establish cross-border networks between the different players in the vast field of technology transfer. Additionally, players were encouraged to reflect on synergies, common strategies, and guidelines for further cooperation.

The Coordination Office discusses regularly with its partners in order to determine how it can best, and most efficiently, support the different players in technology transfer.

The next event will take place within the framework of Dialog Science on 22 November 2016. This event will focus on the management of intellectual property rights in the context of cross-border projects and cooperation.


Technology Transfer: New Cross-Border Synergies