On 22 November 2019, the new Strategy for the Tri-National Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine (TMR) was officially signed. It defines the objectives of the four Pillars of the TMR by the year 2030 and lays down the broad policy guidelines for strategic projects to be carried out for the highlighting and attractiveness of the cross-border region. 

Following the 2020 Strategy, which successfully strengthened the scientific cooperation by developing structuring projects such as the RMTMO-RI project, which creates the basis for a large-scale research infrastructure in the Upper Rhine, or the URCforSR project, which objective was to create a cross-border cluster on sustainability research with European significance developing excellent cross-border and interdisciplinary research.

The TMR 2030 Strategy wants to pave the way for sustainably further developing excellence in economy and research in the Upper Rhine; strengthening existing structures dedicated to cross-border cooperation and exploiting new potential.

Foto: Dominik Plüss

Key projects for the Science Pillar are integrated in the strategy, such as the further development and financial consolidation of Eucor – The European Campus and of the TriRhenaTech alliance; the creation of a Franco-German-Swiss economic development agency dedicated to the industry of the future; and the continuation of the initiative “Science Offensive” to finance excellent cross-border research projects in the Upper Rhine region.

The objective of the Science Pillar is to network actors in higher education, research, scientific mediation and technology transfer across borders and to develop the structuring of space in a sustainable way.

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the Coordination Office actively supports the actors of the Science Pillar in their cross-border activities.


TMO – Strategie 2030 – F Broschüre

TMO – Strategie 2030 – D Broschüre