Selected Projects

Thirty university research laboratories, engineering schools and other scientific structures of the Upper Rhine collaborate in seven projects of excellence in the Science Offensive 2016.

Together, they develop applications in the fields of renewable energy and the responsible use of resources, mobility sustainability and vehicle construction, information technology and communication, as well as health and medical technology. The main objective is to promote the transferring of technology and research knowledge towards the economy and greater society in order to reinforce the Upper Rhine region. More than thirty businesses participated in various projects overall.

Partners: INSA Strasbourg, Furtwangen University, Mannheim Medical School of the University of Heidelberg, University of Applied Sciences Northwest Switzerland, Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology

Associated Partners: Mainz University, Alsace Biovalley, Axilum Robotics, Memry GmbH, Handy Tech Electronics, Sensopic SA, iSYS Medical Technology GmbH

The project seeks to develop an innovative robotic device by 3D printing for interventional radiology and image-guided surgery. The technological innovations introduced as well as the added value of the robotics systems developed, with the goal of ensuring their transfer into the industry.

Total budget : 1,674,818 €

  • ERDF: 436,201 €
  • Regional funds: 250,000 €
  • Canton funds: 272,052 €

Partners: University of Koblenz-Landau, CNRS, Offenburg University, Public Service Centre for Rural Development in the Mosel Region

Associated Partners: nEcoTox, Julius Kühn Institute – Federal Research Institute for Cultivated Plants, Public Service Centre for Rural Development in the Mosel Region

Photopur seeks to develop eco-technology based on the photocatalysis process in order to purify rinsing water contaminated by the use of plant protection products (on agricultural machinery cleaning sites) and directly contaminated surface water. The targeted agricultural activity is viticulture, a major activity in the Trinational Metropolitan Region.

Total Budget: 998,890 €

  • ERDF: 499,445 €
  • Regional funds: 24,722.75 €

Partners: Offenburg University, University of Strasbourg, Karlsruhe University, University of Upper Alsace (Mulhouse)

Associated Partners: Agrano GmbH & Co. KG, Fruit Juices of Alsace (JFA), Lamtec Mess- und Regelungstechnik für Feuerungen GmbHGmbH, Rytec GmbH, Sawmill Bohnert, SiCat

Created by an interdisciplinary consortium of chemists, process/bioprocess engineers, as well as physicists specialising in sensor and process control, this project develops new solutions for the valorisation of wood chips as well as the residues in pressings in biogas units.

Total budget: 999,734 €

  • ERDF: 499,867 €
  • Regional Funds: 250,000 €

Partners: Furtwangen University, INSA Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg

Associated Partners: Kirner Grinding Machines GmbH & Co. KG., Senk OHG CNC – Mill and Engraving Techniques, Information Industry GmbH & Co.KG, inovex GmbH, GTEO, INEVA, SAS, Rhénatic

The main objective of the project is the conception and development of an infrastructure of intelligent production which ensures high-availability manufacturing processes in cross-border plants. This will be achieved through the HALFBACK software prototype, which enables the Broker Cloud Service to increase availability through intelligent outsourcing and maintenance predictions.

Total budget: 997,421 €

  • Federal: 498,710.50 €
  • Regional funds: 249,355.50 €

Partners: University of Strasbourg, Furtwangen University, Freiburg University Clinic, Franco-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis

Associated Partners: DAIMLER AG (DAI), PORSCHE AG, DYNAmore GmbH, ORTEMA GmbH, CELLUTEC, SHARK, DYNAmore France SAS, ANTARES, Mainz University Medicine

The project objective is the joint creation of a digital tool to predict head/upper neck lesions at the time of high impact.This innovative digital tool will be applied to the evaluation of protection systems such as automobiles, motorcycle, bicycle and horse-riding helmets. The research will be the basis for a biomechanical digital platform basis in legal medicine. These aspects will lead to a center of excellence of international renown in the biomechanics field of cranial and cervical trauma.

Total budget: 935,891 €

  • ERDF: 467.909.50 €
  • Regional Funds: 249,991 €

Partners: Offenburg University, INSA Strasbourg, CNRS

Associated Partners: MaHyTec, In’Air Solutions, Modelage concept, GeneSys Electronics GmbH

The ELCOD consortium aims to develop a low-cost drone capable of flying in all weather conditions with a range of several thousand kilometers. The first aim of this prototype will be to ensure the surveillance of the climate and atmospheric pollution. Due to its large capacity and autonomous flight, a large number of missions can be carried out by this drone.

Total budget: 991,918 €

  • EFRE: 495,959 €
  • Regional funds: 249,999 €

Partners: University of Strasbourg, CRNS, Freiburg University

Associated Partners: ROWO Coating mbH, SOPREMA SAS, Rolic Technologies AG, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISe

The project aims to develop large surface photovoltaic panels with high conversion efficiency and facilitated integration. This technology can be used in roofing membranes and translucent domes (or skylights) for daytime illumination of indoor spaces. These “solar” membranes and skylights permit the valorisation of roofing surfaces of commercial and industrial buildings by giving them a function of electricity production.

Total budget: 999,754 €

  • ERDF: 499, 877 €
  • Regional Funds: 199, 951 €

Selected Projects