Communication tools

The main mission of the Coordination Office of the Science Pillar is to propose practical supports and services to scientific stakeholders in the Upper-Rhine region. It also supports the visibility of the Upper-Rhine as an exceptional and unique scientific area.

The thematic “scientific communication” is a very central one for the scientific projects in the Upper-Rhine. Beyond the obligations in terms of communication for the funding programme, projects and their teams need to involve to ensure visibility of their work, at different levels (regional. national, European) and for different targets (economic partners for the valorisation of research results, institutional an political actors as facilitators, their scientific community, the public at large). Trilinguism (English, German and French) is also a challenge for a good communication.

Several tools have been developed in order to support the projects and their teams to optimize their communication and make their actions more visible.


– Training modules around (scientific) communication (still in preparation)

A Best-practice guide (only available in French and German)

– Memos for a better and efficient communication (only available in French and German): 

1. Creation of a visual identity and the iconography of the project
2. Building a communication plan
3. Drawing up a price list
4. The design of models and the formatting of communication supports
5. Participation in promotion events
6. Organization of an event
7. Press and media relations
8. Addressing the broader audience
9. Use of social networks
10. Sustainable and responsible communication
11. Scientific mediation

– A calendar including relevant events and celebrations for cross-border scientific projects


All these tools are the result of a collaborative work of pooling resources together and capitalizing on experiences of actual and past projects.

Communication tools